After much delay, I have completed the short “witty” bios for those people mentioned the most in my blogging.  Here are a few disclaimers and extra notes:

  • Yes, I did intentionally pick funny photos for everyone but Angie.  She is special and I know no one will debate this, thus she gets the pretty photo.  Also, it should be noted that this photo sits over Daniel’s desk to motivate him [no secrets are safe with me].
  • There are many things not mentioned in these short bios that are very telling of my friends lives and I will detail them below.
  • There are other people I mention in the blog and with time, they too will receive the extra “shout-out” on the blog.influences page.  [I cannot say shout out without picturing Sarah Palin at the VP debate sharing her’s during one of the allotted times for answering a question].
  • I did let everyone know that their bio’s are up for edits…so bring’em on.

And now the extra, more serious details of the influences [break out the recycled-fiber tissues]:


Liz has always aspired to be life-changing teacher and through her individual studies and pursuits she is most definitely on her way.  Everyday she comes up with new and innovative ideas to energize students to chase their dreams both in and out of the classroom.  On campus, Liz is known as one of the greatest leaders of an organization called FISH CAMP.  This group formally introduces the 10,000+ members of the freshman class to our “Aggie Family.”  Because of her attention to detail and great compassion for those closest to her, she was undoubtedly one of the Co-Chairs and friend to all those involved.  After working hard in Brazos County for the Obama campaign during the primaries, Liz was recruited to serve as a full-time field organizer for Obama for America in Minnesota.  After six months, she returned to College Station and will soon have her own classroom in Houston.


Daniel is sure to be the best writer to come out of Texas A&M.  After winning every award on campus, consecutively, he continues to pursue his passion for writing and activism on a daily basis by working to finish his first novel.  Daniel and Amanda are working together to create the literary journal, vandal, to which Daniel has taken the main role in steering the direction of the journal with its content and outreach.  Currently, Daniel is finishing up his undergrad in English-Creative Writing while working as an Assistant to the Editor of Callaloo literary journal.  Upon graduation, Daniel will undoubtedly have his choice of any MFA program around the country and will produce his first great novel shortly after.


Angie Cruz is hearled as one of the greatest voices of her time.  Growing up in Washington Heights, she felt as if her life was pre-determined to be one of immobility and angst.  While working in retail she became acquainted with Bill Cosby, who pushed her to chase after her dreams and work towards channeling her anger towards the society that had held her down into a medium that could change the world.  She took his advice and has since never stopped trying to inspire everyone that she meets to do the same.  After her undergrad and MFA, she lived and traveled around the world teaching, lecturing, and through various writers residences.   As a teacher and mentor, Angie has led her students to believe that they can do all that they wish, while understanding that at times it is best to move on in a different direction, though nothing is ever lost.  She can be credited for bringing in remarkable writers from around the world and revolutionizing the Creative Writing Department at Texas A&M.


Let it never be said that Sarah did not work hard for everything she has gotten and rightly deserved.  Through college Sarah worked nearly full-time to support herself, an example of just one characteristic that molded her into the strong, independent woman that is now getting her Masters at the top university in the world.  After Oxford, she will then go on to pursue her Law Degree at a similar university of high expectations and will then go on to be a leading expert of Environmental Policy and will change the world.  As a roommate and friend, Sarah lends unending support and compassion, leaving you to never believe that you will have to face any situation alone.

[How could these great people not influence every aspect of your life?]


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