In 15 items or less:

  1. 8 mile run at gym [FYI they are still making new Power Ranger themed shows].
  2. rainy drive to houston.
  3. field of greens for vegan bbq sandwich.
  4. awkward encounter only seen in movies and on the hills.
  5. big borders. one book purchase: the book of other people.
  6. answers found: 6f_fpn3aupwmaffjvcbqnyfvq_1
  7. big half-price. three book purchases: we thought you would be prettier, one hundred years of solitudeword warriors [for suheir’s peice], and A.H.W.O.S.G. [for the 8th time].
  8. the big O. 6f_dy42im1dxguuj6g5khlj0z_2
  9. yum.
  10. cat. [liz’s temporary roommate]6f_cwsuqhco58oz5qfktadplj_1
  11. early bedtime.

Still reading and about to finish: Healing Earthquakes–Jimmy Santiago Baca

“I culled poetry from odors, sounds, faces, and ordinary events occurring around me. Breezes bulged me as if I were cloth; sounds nicked their marks on my nerves; objects made impressions on my sight as if in clay. There, in the soft language, life centered and ground itself in me and I was flowing with the grain of the universe. Language placed my life experiences in a new context, freeing me for the moment to become with air as air, with clouds as clouds, from which new associations arose to engage me in present life in a more purposeful way. ”
Jimmy Santiago Baca


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