BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Climate scenarios ‘being realised’.

The worst-case scenarios on climate change envisaged by the UN two years ago are already being realised, say scientists at an international meeting.

Democrats will push to overturn Perry move to reject some stimulus funds | Top Stories | Star-Telegram.com. Gov. Perry, why are you such a motherfucker?

Michelle Obama’s Hugs: A Photo Diary (SLIDESHOW). Snug as a bug.

Charlotte Hilton Andersen: Would You Rather Be Called a Slut or Fat?.

Overweight Women: To Be Celebrated? Or Shamed?./Hot and Heavy – The Daily Beast.

Some scientists have argued that during a recession, men desire fuller figured women. So pass the enchiladas and let’s consider the evidence.

Truthdig – A/V Booth – Conservatives ♥ Ayn Rand.

What with all this economic turmoil of late, not to mention a suspected socialist in the White House, right-wing pundits like femmebot Michelle Malkin and fellow Fox-friendly cretin Glenn Beck are looking to “author, philosopher and female comb-over pioneer” Ayn Rand for guidance. Stephen Colbert thinks they should move to an island all their own, where less work gets done on purpose.

In Memory of Rachel Corrie | CommonDreams.org. Rachel Corrie’s parents were on the delegation with vandal contributors, Benjamin and Wright.

Random Friday Sexism: Fail Blog FAIL – Feministing.


Great photographs of the economic crisis. – – Slate Magazine.

Does every culture use the suggestion of maternal incest as an insult? – By Nina Shen Rastogi – Slate Magazine.   –>Global Motherf*ckers

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