I can’t believe we’re halfway through March.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – America Has Become Less Religious.

t r u t h o u t | Why I’m Not Now and Have Never Been the Democrats’ “Rush Limbaugh”. By: [I’m not going to give it away, you can guess and look for yourself…]

t r u t h o u t | Idiot Wind. Idiot line-up: Glenn Beck—-Chuck Norris—-Jim Robinson—-Sean Hannity—-Newt Gingrich—-John McCain—-David Brooks—-David Frum—-Rush Limbaugh…did he leave anyone out?

Together, We Save the Planet. By: Bill McKibben.  Nation Forum: Hyper-individualism has damaged society, the planet and our private lives. We need a politics that calls us to work together.

Road Tripping Through Whitopia — In These Times.  Rich Benjamin set out to write about race‚ and wrote about class instead.  Searching for Whitopia: How the Whiter Half Lives out in June.

Stimulating Women? | The Root.  President Obama’s stimulus package has been the centerpiece of his administration’s legislative efforts. But will his plan end up hurting women economically?

The Root’s Global Book List | The Root. Just in time for Spring Break…I need new books.

Lorraine Hansberry’s Gay Politics | The Root.  Hansberry holds a special place in my heart.  Fourth grade was all about African American history, ending with a large production.  I got to write a poem about Hansberry to perform and play the piano through all of the songs [Lean on Me, We Shall Overcome, etc].   My elementary school was truly inspiring for all of the projects we were allowed to do instead of concentrating on standardized tests and textbook work.

The Associated Press: House defeats wilderness bill. House rejects bill that would protect 2 million acres as wilderness…assholes.

Fighting Back in America’s 30-Year Class War | CommonDreams.org.  By: Jim Hightower [Texas represent!]

Blackwater’s New Frontier: Their Own Private Africa | Mother Jones. In my dream last night, I wanted to invest in Blackwater [now Xee] stock.  There are two obvious problems with that: 1. me investing. 2. Blackwater.

Why You’re Not Sleeping – Forbes.com.  I just love that HuffPo put this photo with it:



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