Continued coverage of vandal contributors in Gaza:

With The Women of Gaza On International Women’s Day: We Will Not Be Silent! | CommonDreams.org.

israel-palestine; land of herstories-histories

with the women of gaza

Democracy Now! | Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Alice Walker, CODEPINK Founder Medea Benjamin in Gaza to Mark International Women’s Day.


Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright in Gaza.3338937293_69cb03a213

Medea with over 2000 gift baskets for the women of Gaza on International Women’s Day. [full story of their travels and photos in vandal 1.1 set out in April!]

Why Did The New York Times Kill This Image of Henry Kissinger? (Not for His Naked Butt Cheeks!) | Media and Technology | AlterNet.

The Costs of Empire: Can We Really Afford 1,000 Overseas Bases? | ForeignPolicy | AlterNet.

Truthdig – A/V Booth – Will Bush Ever Face World Court?.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – Geek Love Endures on Wall Street.

Is This the Worst Year to Graduate College Ever? | Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace | AlterNet.

Kimberly Brooks: Painting A Gilded Age: Artist Rachel Kaye.

Jennifer Aniston’s $50K Hairstyle vs. Librarian Pensions – The Daily Beast.

My Beef With Ann Coulter – The Daily Beast. by: Meghan McCain

Be Utopian: Demand the Realistic.  Part 3: In the March 4, 2009, issue, the Nation published “Rising to the Occasion” as the opening essay in a forum on “Reimagining Socialism.” TheNation.com will feature new replies to the essay over the coming weeks, to foster dialogue.

On the Van wagon? | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist. Author of The Green Collar Economy.

ABC News: Feeling Fat, Energetic or Unhappy? America’s Got a City for You!.

Confessions of a Barbie Freak – The Daily Beast.

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