Follow some of vandal’s contributors: Official release: 50 international delegates to arrive in Gaza with gift baskets for Gazan women Vows to camp on border if blocked, demand its opening | PINKtank.

International Women’s Day Celebrates Peace Today | CommonDreams.org.

The Bottomless Bailout | CommonDreams.org.

Book/cover: Is Someone’s Bookshelf A Dating Dealbreaker?.  I especially like the comments.

What to read to impress a date – and which books to avoid | Life and style | guardian.co.uk.

Dowd To Michelle Obama: Don’t Cover Up Your Biceps. –> Op-Ed Columnist – Should Michelle Cover Up? – NYTimes.com.

Being and Mindfulness – Judith Warner Blog – NYTimes.com.

Truthdig – Reports – The Man Who Won’t Change.

Sitcommunism: The Future of Television is Laid-Off Bankers.

Op-Ed Contributor – The Armageddon Waltz – NYTimes.com.

Secret birthday-present wish: Truthdig – Arts and Culture – Norman Birnbaum on Susan Sontag.

I can’t stop Andrew Bird from taking over my iTunes.

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