I was at the gym yesterday when I saw on Fox’s Morning Show, Mike and Juliet, that West Virginia’s law makers are considering banning the Barbie doll as she creates unreal expectations for little girls.

[Apparently these lawmakers do not watch television, go to the movies, log on to the internet, or open any publication, and if this is true…how representative are they of their constituents?]

On the show they said Barbie “sends the wrong message…it shows that women are suppose to be skinny and brainless.”  Later on saying [female host] “How does anyone know how smart Barbie is?”…[male host] “that’s the great thing about Barbie she doesn’t talk,” this comment following his earlier claim that when Barbie is dressed up as say a doctor, etc. she looks like a woman in a porno.

If we are going to ban things that inspire, unreal expectations for young girls then I have created a general list.  So Fox news, lets get on it:

  • all women in public roles: media, movies, athletics, politics, anywhere where they could be working and making enough to support their families.
  • all men, too, because women had to be inspired along the lines by some of the men in public roles.
  • make-up, hair products, diet foods, organic foods, healthy options, gyms, work-outs, running, biking, yoga, pilates, anything else that is good for your body.  Being healthy or feeling pretty/conficent could lead to bettering other areas of your life.
  • higher education, or education period.  Girls could know too much, or grow opinions that are too strong [something that was said about me just a few months ago by a girl in one of my classes].
  • anything that has documented a photo of unreal expectations, so most internet sites, museums, magazines, newspapers, television channels, etc.
  • technology–it empowers to many people to be more efficient and efficiency leads to more time to learn and that is bad.  Plus, Apple products are too pretty.
  • any girl who is naturally pretty/thin should be hidden away too, but this goes without saying.

If these law makers want to really help out little girls, then:

  • fix our economy.
  • protect our jobs.
  • invest in our schools.
  • protect the environment we live in.
  • insure a affordable education.
  • secure the availability of health insurance for everyone.
  • protect our health and reproductive rights.
  • give everyone the freedom to marry who they wish.
  • step down when they propose stupid shit like banning Barbies when the nation has 99 problems but Barbie ain’t one.

YOU DECIDE: Is Barbie Good or Bad for Girls? « FOX Forum «


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