Reimagining Socialism: Rising to the Occasion | CommonDreams.org.

The Revolution Has Already Occurred | CommonDreams.org. [follow up to the above article]

Justices seem to be leaning in favor of Prop. 8.

Truthdig – Reports – Why Did So Few Americans Give a Damn?.

America Is #… 15?.

Van Jones: Creating a Green American Dream.

Senate Not Likely To Pass Climate Bill Of Obama’s Dreams. When I was with Greenpeace, I delivered to Senator Binginham a sand timer at a senate hearing.  I told him he was running out of time to make a decision.  I had never been so nervous.

Just Do It: The Dearth Of Women In Politics Is Not Just Due To Sexism.

Feministe » Top 100 Women in History — Who’s on Your List?.

Riot Grrrl: Where Gross-Out Feminism Got Its Start.

Dan Perjovschi, What happened to us?, 2007 | drawings on wall + newspaper | MoMA, 57th Street/5th Avenue, NYC


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