“My problem with this Michelle Obama tee is that Michelle should be wearing a sleeveless shirt.” -Dodai.

Which Came First: The Objectification Of Sarah Palin, Or The Mistrust In Her Competence?.

Citigroup Stock Sinks To An All-Time Low Of 97 Cents. I love the slideshow: Things that cost more than Citibank.

Artists Are Workers Who Need to Eat Too | CommonDreams.org. What have I been saying?

Feminism Fail: Fish/Bicycle.

Personal/Political: Nadya Suleman Is The New Poster Girl For Restricting Reproductive Rights.

Truthdig – Reports – America’s New Trajectory.

Truthdig – A/V Booth – Are Video Games Violent Enough?.

With dark times on the horizon, the Onion’s “In the Know” panel takes a satirical stab at whether violent video games are “adequately preparing children for the apocalypse.”

Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: McSweeney’s Recommends.

Poetry Break – Feministing. [Sanchez is Suheir’s favorite]

“i see you blackboy
bent toward destruction watching
for death with tight eyes”
-Sonia Sanchez, “haiku”

The Purpose-Driven Wife | Mother Jones.

Teaching women to submit to their husbands, for the love of Christ.



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