Obama’s Coalition of the Unwilling | CommonDreams.org. by: The Amy Goodman

Yoo and The Subversion of Liberty Narrowly Averted | CommonDreams.org. Naomi Wolf [who I need to email for vandal…]

Tomgram: Jill Fraser, A Farewell to Jobs.

Truthdig – Reports – The Rebirth of Education.

Karen Leland: 5 Ways To Give The Gift Of Appreciation.

Dr. Cara Barker: In These Times, Why Not Dance?.

The Man Plan : How To Impress Joe Sixpack & Wilhelm Von Winesnob — At The Same Time!.

View Askew: RuPaul Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck On “Strong” Women.

Limbaugh Challenges Obama To A Debate. How can anyone take this fucker seriously…I’ll ask my dad.

Truthdig – A/V Booth – ‘Daily Show’: A Party in Limbaugh.



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