I’m in a weird mood lately as these few weeks are speeding by.  Stumble took me to this horoscope and I feel that it accurately depicts what is going to happen this March, my birthday month [yes, I celebrate the month].

So see this as a disclaimer for my behavior:

For March 2009: The word productivity captures your March vibe pretty well, but so does the word ambition. You’re motivated – and how! Right from the beginning, you sort out what is realistic and doable from what is one big house of cards. You become somewhat of an efficiency expert from early March onward. You have private matters to cope with as well. A close friend of family member may have difficulties that catch you by surprise. You’re not sure how to handle this episode – what to do, when to do it, how to articulate your feelings. Instead of stumbling through it, ask questions and be honest. Ask the person going through a tough time what he or she wants or needs. Eliminate guessing games and get down to business. The 8th is rather stunning. New facts come to light. Some of these facts are not totally unexpected, but may require some getting used to, anyway. Because of a developing situation, you may find yourself with more responsibility, but not necessarily additional compensation for your work. You may not feel particularly appreciated. Let’s clear this up right now. Others do appreciate you, but are running scared and under a great deal of pressure that isn’t being handled well. They don’t want to be dismissive or rude, but are having problems just getting through the day. Every good thing you do to help them needs to be something you WANT to do. Don’t anticipate instant payback or applause. Help others because you want to. Once the pressure eases, you will get the props you deserve. No matter how much stress you’re experiencing, it’s nothing compared to what another person is clawing through. The 10th brings a Full Moon in your employment and health sector. Expect a good, possibly lucrative day. You get great reviews for your effort, and pat yourself on the back for ripping through ‘impossible’ challenges without breaking a sweat. You’re one tough Ram. This month proves it again and again. You’re also the glue that holds a number of personal and professional connections together. Because you never quit, others feel heartened, less anxious and more secure. Keep playing the role of Lancelot, because it’s working! Everyone loves a hero, and this month, you’re it. The need to reconfigure and streamline is obvious on the 12th, and becomes the main topic of conversation from the 6th of March through mid April. You recognize that expedience isn’t enough to get a project off the ground. You need more time, resources and capable hands on deck. (Oh, and don’t forget research!) Some of you are bearing down hard on a deadline, contract or grand opening, and cannot afford to waste one flippin’ moment on anything not directly related to your all-powerful goal. You’re also a bit jumpy and temperamental between mid March and mid April. Little things collect like lint, clogging up your brain and shutting down objectivity. Work on patience during this phase. Anticipate some adversarial activity or pointless picayune argument on the 18th and a whole new set of batteries and enthusiasm on the 19th through the 22nd. Aries birthdays begin on the 20th – so a big Happy Birthday to all Rams!! The 23rd cautions you to rein in your energy just a bit. Don’t be the first muscle car to fly down the street. Let someone else test the road before you do. If you get an all-clear, then gun your engine. Spontaneity is great, but timing is more important during this phase. Mercury enters your sign on the 25th, immediately followed by a New Moon in Aries on the 26th. This is an ideal time to work incredibly hard to wrap up unfinished business or obligations that have driven you slightly nuts. (And FYI: finishing tasks may take up to two weeks.) Focus, darling. Don’t permit distractions to get a foothold. The 27th is a roiling stew of emotions. First, someone’s feelings (maybe yours) get hurt. Secondly, you and someone very important to you spend the remainder of the day settling a score, kissing, making up and making out. You feel like your emotions were hit by a runaway train during the first half of the day, but strike a very happy note before the end of the evening. The remainder of March is civil, even under pressurized circumstances and really quite wonderful.

*Note: March 27th, the crying day…is my birthday.

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