Op-Ed Columnist – Spock at the Bridge – NYTimes.com. Dowd is getting back on my good side…slowly.

The Carbon Addicts on Capitol Hill | CommonDreams.org.

Disunite There | The American Prospect.

Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie | Heraldleaderphoto.com.

Brother on Sunday: Fiction: The New Yorker.

Essay – Read a Book, Get Out of Jail – NYTimes.com.

Jonathan Melber: A Warhol for the West Wing.

On New York Streets With Snuggie – Watch Your Back – NYTimes.com.

Benjamin Bronfman: The Youth Storm Washington.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: School Mascots That More Acccurately Represent the Student Body at My University..

Free Rita: Manatee Released From Sea World After 27 Years.

Oh, Shoot: To Cuss Or Not To Cuss, That Is The Motherf**ckin’ Question.


One response to “03.02:top.10.reads

  1. instead of a “Snuggie” i prefer to call mine a “Power Blanket”

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