John Kerry: Facts Are Stubborn Things: George Will and Climate Change-.

SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN | Women’s Health Magazine.

Jimmy Santiago Baca | The Progressive. One of vandal’s Advisory Board members on:

The Progressive Radio Show

Matt Rothschild interviews activists, scholars, and artists who are making the world a better place.

An Oscar for Activism | CommonDreams.org.

Let’s Talk About Race—or Maybe Not | CommonDreams.org.

Texas Meets a Death Penalty It Dislikes | CommonDreams.org.

Naomi Klein Interview | The Progressive. I do believe that Klein was called out a few weeks ago for not speaking up about the economy…voila!

Winds of Change – STWR – Share The World’s Resources.

You Say You Want a Revolution — In These Times. [I’m going to go meet with In These Times while I’m up in Chicago, to seek an unpaid editorial internship…which would leave me broke and homeless, yet very busy].

HBO’s The Black List : More Intimate Portraits Of Enigmatic People. I love Angela Davis [there are two references to her in today’s top.10].  This post also showcases a clip from the Kara Walker interview [who may become a new favorite].

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