[just nine top reads today]

Yes on Prop. 8 Donors | CommonDreams.org.

Tax the Speculators | CommonDreams.org.

Race, Barbie, and the Obama girls – Feministing. Oh my Barbie!

Not Oprah’s Book Club: The House at Sugar Beach – Feministing. Great blog to follow for book recommendations.

Democracy Now! | Utah Student Who Thwarted Auction of Utah Wilderness Hails Cancellation of Bush Admin Selloff.

Truthdig – Reports – Dear Wall Street.

Cheney warns of new attacks – John F. Harris and Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei – Politico.com. [fucking Cheney].

SEIU | Employee Free Choice Act for Economic Recovery. [Lou Dobbs had a piece on “Unionizing America” last night in the same font they use on Osama Bin Laden].

Trends: ’25 Random Things’ Lists Are Last Vestige of American Literacy. I prefer to see it as a modern day chain letter, to which my mother never let me send when I was younger.


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