why.blog? why.now?

for several reasons:

1. aggiEWIRE is over…those who had promised the most to the paper, in the end produced very little to help the project move forward.  It was left with a fevandal.w dozen avid readers and two excellent writers, and so a new project was born.  vandal. you can read more about this here, already one week in, the project is expanding to greater heights everyday! I will be blogging about the progess of the journal here.

2. I post articles everyday to my facebook profile that I find inspiring, those that get me moving through the day.  A few people have sent me messages, asking questions or trying to start a debate.  I need a new medium, I’d still like to be able to stalk these people via facebook and don’t want them defriending me because they refuse my “radical” ideals.

3.  I once had a friendship that served as a forum for discussing the best music, books, websites, videos, movies, and happiness-inspiring mementos.

4.  I’m graduating soon and looking for daily activities that I can participate in to bridge the transition.  I’m looking feverently for a job [in DC, LA, Chicago] while trying to downsize my Texas life as my family moves to Denver and all my friends are getting married.

5.   A book club will be too much to ask for, as everyone is so busy…but maybe just a few comments here and there about a book, article, song, movie we’ve all seen lately?

6.  I’ve been hounded by a few individuals over the years to keep a blog about all of the things I’m doing…and so, I’m giving in because there was never a good enough reason not too.

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